Cinema Arts Project Grant Applications

Revised: December 2, 2015 by the BNF-CAP Oversight Committee

Beyond Normal Films is a  non-profit volunteer organization whose mission is to provide cultural and educational activities in support of the cinema arts in Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois, and to research and recommend to the Normal Theater unique international, independent, and documentary films of artistic quality.   The BNF Cinema Arts Project (BNF-CAP) is interested in supporting unique cinema arts experiences that would benefit the local community.  We have recently helped support the Roger Ebert commemorative sculpture done by local artist Rick Harney and the AsiaConnect Asian Film Festival.  Of special interest are cinema projects that involve key ethnic groups within the community, young film artists with the community. and creative collaboration between music composers and film artists.

Our CAP fund initiative is fairly new and our resources for grants are limited.  Given that, however, we encourage you to reach out to us for projects where an award of $500 to $1000 might fit within our scope and mission and assist you in launching a new project or expanding a current project. Funding preference is for one-time grants to help expand a current cinema arts activity or to innovate and create a new experience in cinema arts for the community.

Beside monetary support, BNF brings added value to your project. Co-sponsorship with BNF provides publicity, through our established communications channels, access to our members as a potential audience, and access to our long-standing relationship with the Normal Theater.

More details on BNF and the Cinema Arts Project may be found on this BNF website. Procedures and format for submitting a request are noted below. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to discuss a proposal idea.


Proposal Steps:

1. Individual or group submits a proposal using format provided below.

2. Email the proposal in Word DOC or PDF form to

3. Proposal given initial review by the CAPS Oversight Committee

4. Proposal returned to submitter(s) for clarifications, revisions, and additional information; dates and venue finalized; budget and funding refined.

5. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until approved by the CAPS committee.

6. Proposal reviewed by the full BNF Board.  

7. One member of the BNF Board assigned to work with the submitter(s) in implementing the project

8. Final BNF Board approval

9. Send official letter, grant agreement to the project funding group requesting grant; follow with a check after signed grant agreement received.

10. Final report due from the project-funding group to BNF within one month of the conclusion of the project.

11. Thank you letter to the project director from BNF.

Project Format:

1. Title of Project

2. Small (request of $500 or less) or Large Project (request of $501 to $1000): Please indicate

3. Sponsoring Organization or Group

4. Lead Submitter/Contact Person

5. Contact Information:  phone, email, address, website if applicable

6. Names of additional project persons and their function on the project

7. Project Abstract:  200-250 word overview

8. Project Goals

9. Outline of project with details (what do you want to do, when, and where?)

10. Additional sponsorships, revenue, other fund generation

11. Statement of need for BNF’s support and co-sponsorship.


1.  The project must be consistent with the mission of Beyond Normal Films (refer to

2. Project must clearly identify BNF as a co-sponsor in publicity and print materials; BNF requests the opportunity to publically promote membership to the organization during the grant event.

3. Preference is given to holding event at the Normal Theater (NT)

4. One member of BNF Board will be assigned to represent BNF on the project

5. Funding support will be managed through the BNF-CAP Agency account with the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation (IPCF).

6. Some cost estimates to use when preparing budget:  cost of renting films from NT is $500/film for 1-4 nights; cost of renting theater for non-sponsored BNF events is $500 for 1-4 nights; no proceeds are available from movie ticket sales.

7. A final report is required from the project organization or individual within one month of the conclusion of the project.

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