BNF Cinema Arts Project (BNF-CAP)

Beyond Normal Films is pleased to announce the implementation of the BNF Cinema Arts Project.  This initiative is in response to the expanded mission of BNF to offer greater support to the cinema arts in the community.  The mission statement now includes: provide cultural and educational activities in support of the cinema arts in Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois.  

The Cinema Arts Project Fund, administered for BNF by the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation, provides a permanent funding base and the framework for an ongoing commitment to cinema arts awareness, education, and creativity--large and small--within the community.  

BNF-CAP Projects.  Here is a list of past and upcoming BNF-CAP projects that Beyond Normal Films has sponsored in whole or in part.

  • Pre-movie Presentation with performance  (e.g., Orchestra of Exiles )
  • Ebert documentary & unveiling of BNF’s own maquette for “Life Itself”
  • Asian Film Festival in the Spring of 2015:  (Completed in April 2015)
  • Asian Film Festival in the Spring of 2016 (Completed April 2016)
  • Argentine Film and panel discussion: Damiana Kryygi (won Best Film of the Year at the 2015 American Anthropology Association Film Festival) co-sponsored with ISU Department of Sociology & Anthropology (October 2016)

Note: members who have made multiple donations are indicated in parens, e.g., (2x).  Thanks to all those who continue to give annually to help us build the CAP Fund Endowment!

Producers ($1000+)
Drake Zimmerman & Jan Elfline (x2)
David & Kay Williams (x3)

Directors ($500-$999)

Screenwriters ($250-$499)
Harry & Susan Harsha (x2)

Lead Actors ($100-$249)

State Farm Matching Grants
Jeff Trimble & Family

Cast ($1-$99)
-Roger Alexander
-Mark Austil & Chris Kaufman
-Maxine Bassi (x2)
-Karen Ament
-Dana Benelli (x2)
-David Bentlin
-Ken & Laura Berk
-Bruce Bergethon & Jo Porter
-John & Cindy Beurskens (2x)
-Glenn Block (x2)
-Bruce & Diane Boeck
-Barbara Bowman (x2)
-Linda & Al Bowman (x2)
-David & Cindy Brown
-Barbara Burke (x2)
-Harry & Mary Campbell in honor of David & Kay Williams 50th Anniversary
-Mark & Lynne Chaddon (x2)
-Anne & Ed Colloton
-Donald & Sandra Coy
-Gail & Galen Crow (2x)
-Kathi Davis
-Roger Day & Tami Martin (2x)
-Shirley & Ralph Dukes (2x)
-Carol Denny (3x)
-Kristen Denton
-Franz & Lucille Eckrich (x2)
-Jay & Sue Edmondson
-Willemina Esenwein
-Dave Ezell
-Colleen Farlee
-Marsha & Kevin Fogarty (x3)
-Steve Friedberg
-Greg & Jeanne Girard
-Gary Gletty (x2)
-George & Myra Gordon (x3)
-Harold & Marlene Gregor (x2)
-Carmen Gresham (x3)
-Jean Grever
-Greg & Jeanne Girard (2x)
-Neil & Rochelle Gridley
-Pat Grogg

-Thomas & Mary Hanson (x2)
-Charles & Victoria Harris (x2)
-Lotus & Judy Hershberger (x2)
-Robert & Barbara Hathway (x2)
-David & Marcia Hirst
-Betty & Brett Hornbook (x3)
-Joan Hubbs
-Geoffrey A. Hughes
-Cathie & David Huston
-Adrienne Ives (x3)
-Betty & Twyman Jones
-Suraj & Usha Kapoor
-Ken & Carol Kashian
-John & Peg Kirk (2x)
-Holly Klass
-Burt Lammey
-Leroy Loepp (2x)
-Pat McCarney (2x)
-Kim Miller
-JoAnna Mink (x2)
-Ron & Holly Mottram
-John & Pam Muirhead (x2)
-Janice Neuleib (x2)
-Susan & Christopher Prendergast (x2)
-Mike Pace & Carolyn Pitts
-Judy Poultney (2x)
-Jim & Gwen Pruyne (x2)
-James Redi & Julie Prandi
-Cindy & John Ross-Ringer
-Margaret Russelman (x2)
-Terri Ryburn
-Herb & Janet Wiser
-Lois Wood
-Deborah Shaw
-Scott Sheridan
-Mary-Margaret Simpson (x3)
-Livia Stone
-Joe Strano & Janine Toth (x3)
-Tom Sullivan
-Bob & Marilyn Sutherland (x2)
-James & Lauren Swindler
-E'Lane Tufts
-Masako Takayasu (x3)
-Phylis VerSteegh
-Anna Wells (2x)
-Elizabeth Weir
-Doug & Kathy Whitman
-Margaret Williams
-Doug & Diane Willamson (x2)
-Lois R. Wood
-Jim & Lynn Yarbrought
-Li Zeng

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